10 Aug 2012

The word content writing for websites comes as surprise for old citizens who are not aware of internet. They wonder what a content writer is daily writing for a website which is already being built and doing good business.
Well, most of the netizens don’t know that for a smooth running of a website, it always needs content to generate traffic. Website designing is one thing and search engine marketing is another. For website marketing content is written with keywords and that is called SEO writing. To do this we need keywords based on internet searches. The search made by us on Google or Yahoo or any other search engine is recorded and afterwards it is used for designing strategy for keywords.

A content writer must refrain himself from using black hat tactics or keyword spamming. Because in the long run this tactic or inorganic way of article writing can bring the rating of the website down. Whereas, organically written articles are the finest and most beneficial forms of content writing. Keywords used in the articles within the limit will make search engines spiders crawl through the content without declaring it spam. Strategically used keywords will draw traffic to your website and meaningful and coherent content will attract visitors again and again.  It is better to use keywords once in hundred words.

With the economic slowdown many people lost their jobs. Then content writing emerged as a savior for them. They were able to do it from the coziness of their home. You will find many examples in which husband and wife both are taking writing projects and doing it collectively. Doing content writing as a freelancer you can choose as part time or full time basis as per your convenience. 

7 Aug 2012

Well, let me start from the basics to ensure that the beginners in content writing can be benefitted, as well as those content writers, who have little or no- experience. Facilitating to a little more for beginners is a step towards success. Here are some points that must be taken care of.

  Know how to express yourself

If, you have made up your mind to choose content writing as your career, you can earn satisfactorily and according to your ease and convenience. So, before getting hired
 polish yourself. Try to write about anything you admire, any celebrity or any event you enjoyed. Start with any kind of writing in which you can exhibit your ability. It may be your hobby, your profession or you can write just about anything under the sun. The prime motive is to make you aware of article writing. So, you are charged to start writing…don’t speak—just pen down your thoughts?

Get a content writer’s Job

After some practice of writing, you will gain confidence. When you feel like you can write on any given topic, this is the right time for you to apply for a content writer’s job. You can do article writing or content writing as freelancer or a permanent employee. As a freelancer you can work from the coziness of your home and that too at your preferred timing.

There are a number of websites which offer revenue sharing as your remuneration. In revenue sharing websites, payment is not done instantly or right after you submit your article. The payment is based on the income generated by your article writing. Some websites pay up to fifty percent of the revenue share. These websites will pay you till your article is drawing traffic. Thus you can be benefitted in the long term by writing once.
Second option is to opt for a website, which pays instantly right after completion of your project. You will find many bidding sites; log on to these websites, know about the project and bid accordingly.
You can also find websites, which ask you to write on given keywords and they pay on per week basis.
In my future blogs, I will tell you about some genuine content writing websites.

Streamline the authentic information

This is one of the most important factors of a content writer’s job. Whatever you are writing, you must be sure of its authenticity. Generally, it is very difficult to gather all authentic information from a single source. That is why you have to search through Internet. Internet is full of all sorts of information and it will be a content writer’s ability to select the right information. Get all the relevant and genuine information and streamline it accordingly. You must describe it with coherence and in relation to your subject. Loose writing can cause reader’s distraction.

Publish yourself

After you have established as a content writer, publish your articles to free directories to get recognized. There are many directories that are welcoming articles without any cost, thus they are promoting article writing. This is increasing their article quantity and gives you the needed exposure.

7 Feb 2012

For some people, writing is a privileged art, whereas some write for catharsis. And you will find many, who write for money. Money can be a motivational force to generate ideas, but a content developer’s role is to assimilate information from various authentic resources.
Developing content can be fun if you do it with enthusiasm and face the challenge of writing on given topic. For example, if you have to write on famous keywords such as “travel, insurance, and loans.” You can write number of pages on it but if you are given a keyword like “travel agencies in Delhi,” you have to be more specific and relevant. A content developer must refrain himself from quoting out of context. The more informative and articulate you are, the more are the chances for your article to generate traffic. Before writing an article you must have some knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), white hat tactics and mega tags, to name a few.
How many articles can you write on the same keyword over and over?  To access the information about the keyword, a content developer can surf the net, read books, and watch videos. Your language must be readable and free from grammatical flaws. A content developer can work according to his ease (or convenience). Always be honest in writing, and never copy the content. There is no set formula for a person to be a content developer. Basic idea is to read, read, and read. Read all sort of things. Read the best and the worst and –you will know the difference. The more you read, the more you can write. After a fair amount of reading, you will be able to start forming sentences and pen down those marvelous fresh sentences though they might not be up to the mark. After writing your article you can ponder over what you have written. Ask your friends to help you find the flaws and errors and to uproot them. You can post it on net and check comments.
So, if you have a flair for writing, come to the never ending world of ideas. Content developing jobs are available on both part time, and full time basis. You can also start as freelancer. There are many websites, you can use for help and reference, for example ezine-articles.com and ehow.com, though I am not promoting any website here but I have found them informative and helpful.