22 Oct 2012

 Do You Want to Make a Blog; here are Some Blog Basics?
Nowadays, web presence is a need of time. Whether you are a blogger or a business man, you are supposed to have a presence at World Wide Web. Do you want to start a blog and don’t know how to start blogging? Don’t worry we all are new to the things which we do for the first time. Just start writing, over a period of time you will get seasoned. In this fast moving world we all have so much of work load that we don’t get time for ourselves.  We work under constant pressure of performing brilliantly; the work culture of performing on a rapid pace is to cope with this fast moving world. So, if you are writing for somebody why you cannot write for yourself and be recognized? Do you have a flair for writing? Do you feel relaxed after writing something? If your answer is in affirmation, blogging could be your cup of tea.
How to start blogging?
First of all you must be sure of
·        What you are going to blog about?
·         Do you want to promote any product, website or service?
·         Are you a content writer?
·        Do you wish to promote yourself on the world scenario?
 You have passion for writing and do write for catharsis but you don’t know how to start a blog? You can opt from the free blog services and you can also start by buying a domain.
Target your blog audience
Get help from Google ad words and target your audience. See, targeting your audience will make you understand better about their internet searches. Thus you can write according to their taste and likings. The right kind of SEO techniques will enhance your chances of appearing in search results. Never spam you article with too much keyword, Google will consider it as keyword spamming and black list your blog or website. Over usage of keyword is known as black hat tactics and as a genuine writer, stay away from these kinds of tactics. White hat tactics is the legit way to generate organic traffic.

Post Regularly
The most important aspect of blogging is to be consistent in posting your articles. In this tech savvy world the readers of your website don’t want to read what they have read earlier. Suppose you want to write an article on how to start blogging?  Search Google and you will find the idea to write. Make sure what you are posting on your blog is plagiarism free. Never copy the content because with the Google panda update you will have serious repercussions of blacklisting your blog. Remain open to reply to your visitors. Build a nice network around your blog.
Genuineness always pays, so help your blog visitors with the best of your knowledge. Let them know from how to start a blog to the complicated SEO techniques and other blog marketing strategies. Help them with your experience and motivate then to use legit ways.


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