18 Sep 2012

If you have finally made up your mind to start a blog, now this is the time to ponder whether you want to use a free blog service or you wish to pay for this.

 As you are a beginner, I would recommend you to make a free blog. After getting polished and seeing ups and downs of blogging world, you can purchase your own domain.

Free blog

While opting for a free blog service you don’t have to bother about web hosting service and domain registration. These services are taken care of by the free service providers.  A Runtime error of the blog and other kinds of trouble shooting is handled by the website.

For starting a blog you have to take refuge in free blog services like Word Press, and Blogger.

Here I will tell you how to make a BlogSpot blog. BlogSpot is the most sought after and the best for free blogging.

  If you have a Google account then you can make a blog by the same. By opening Google Account you can avail different services by Google like Gmail, Blogger, AdWords, and others as well.

How to Create a BlogSpot Blog?

Open the Blogger and you will get this page fill this form 

if already a member Sign in with the Google Account to                   blogger.

Verify Your Account

verify you account by providing an valid phone number and click on " Send Verification Code"

Confirm your Profile

here you can write about your self then click on" Continue to Blogger".

Decide the Niche

You can make a blog or write on anything under the sun but it is 
advisable to start a blog on a topic which you are sure of. You must be aware of the topic; this ensures that you can satisfy the queries of your readers’ and can elaborate the minute details. You don’t have to research Internet for satisfying visitor’s queries. You can also define the untouched aspects of the topic and bring them into limelight.

How to Create a New Blog?

click on the button "New Blog",  a new window will come up 

give a name to your blog according to your niche and select an "URL"

Select a template

you can also select from a wide variety of templates available. 
Select a template as per your liking
After selecting the template and clicking the button "Create Blog"
You will get the message “your blog has been created”
Now the most important thing is to write a post.

click on "Start Blogging"

write first post of your blog,be consistent in posting, your regular posts will be noticed by search engines.



  1. Very nice and help full blogging sites. Thanks for guiding us to create a new blog.

  2. Hi Abdul! You mentioned only 2 free blog platforms( Blogger, Wordpress ). You can also check Blog.com, Blogdive, Tumblr, Posterous Spaces.

    check it out

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