10 Aug 2012

The word content writing for websites comes as surprise for old citizens who are not aware of internet. They wonder what a content writer is daily writing for a website which is already being built and doing good business.
Well, most of the netizens don’t know that for a smooth running of a website, it always needs content to generate traffic. Website designing is one thing and search engine marketing is another. For website marketing content is written with keywords and that is called SEO writing. To do this we need keywords based on internet searches. The search made by us on Google or Yahoo or any other search engine is recorded and afterwards it is used for designing strategy for keywords.

A content writer must refrain himself from using black hat tactics or keyword spamming. Because in the long run this tactic or inorganic way of article writing can bring the rating of the website down. Whereas, organically written articles are the finest and most beneficial forms of content writing. Keywords used in the articles within the limit will make search engines spiders crawl through the content without declaring it spam. Strategically used keywords will draw traffic to your website and meaningful and coherent content will attract visitors again and again.  It is better to use keywords once in hundred words.

With the economic slowdown many people lost their jobs. Then content writing emerged as a savior for them. They were able to do it from the coziness of their home. You will find many examples in which husband and wife both are taking writing projects and doing it collectively. Doing content writing as a freelancer you can choose as part time or full time basis as per your convenience. 



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